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Gregory John McIlvaine's Sacramento show from the outside.
In January 1999, McIlvaine had a show at the McGuire Center for Art in Sacramento celebrating the release of the CD, The Ballad of Bobby McStone. The show featured the original artwork created for the CD booklet, along with many other paintings from McIlvaine's post-graduate school period. First is a view of the show from the outside.
Here is the postcard for the show.
Click for larger image.  Postcard for Sacramento exhibition.
Below are two installation views of the Sacramento show. The painting of Joeseph Beuys on the upper left sold for an undisclosed sum to a private collector in Sacramento. If you look closely you can also see portraits of Marlon Brando, Neil Young, Gregory Peck, and Abraham Lincoln. All works are acrylic, oil pastel, watercolor, or collage on paper.
Installation view of Sacramento show.
Installation view of Sacramento exhibition.
Here are two pieces from the Sacramento show, and a painting of a bunny I scanned from one of McIlvaine's sketchbooks. Left is "Nelson," Acrylic on plaster and chicken wire, and "Toaster Guy," Acrylic on cardboard.
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