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Gregory John McIlvaine entered the graduate program at Otis School of Art (pictured above in an photograph of an oil painting of the school that McIlvaine says he left in his studio there when he vacated it.) in September of 1993 and graduated with his MFA in 1995. Here is a picture of the happy graduate on his big night:
I can't beleive they spelled my name right!
While at Otis, McIlvaine produced many paintings, drawings, etchings and video projects. Here are some examples. On the left is the postcard for the show, a selfportrait in pastel on paper. Then there's a portrait of Machiavelli.
This is the postcard invitation for the show.  Pastel on paper.
acrylic on paper - 1994
"I Smell a Rat" is another grimacing self portrait, and the acrylic on paper "Seascape" represents yet another aspect of McIlvaine's work. Click on the thumbnails for a bigger picture!
I smell a rat.   Pencil on cardboard.
Seascape.  Acrylic on paper.
Here are more examples of McIlvaine's work while at Otis.


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