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This is Greg explaining his inspiration.
Installation view of McIlvaine's Graduation show at College of Creative Studies, UC Santa Barbara.

Above are two views of the installation of McIlvaine's Graduating show at the College of Creative Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara. They are charcoal pastel on paper. Below is the invitation for the show, featuring a portrait of McIlvaine by his fellow student Debbie Urlich. There is also a close-up of the pastel on paper work titled, "Rock and Roll."
This wonderful drawing of me was done by Debbie Urlich, a fellow student at CCS.  This is one of the invitations to McIlvaine's graduation show.
Rock and Roll.  Click for a larger image.
McIlvaine also experimented with photography, performance, avant-garde music and videography while at CCS. Here are some examples of that work:
After graduating from CCS, McIlvaine spent a fruitful summer in Prague, Czechoslovakia. To the right is a colorful photograph he took there. Below there is an installation view of his work at a group show, featuring small works done in watercolor on cardboard. Next are two views of McIlvaine's work on the balcony of his apartment there.
Here is an installation view of McIlvaine's part of a show of non-czech artists in Prague
This is one of McIlvaine's paintings on the balcony of his room, looking down at all the skodas.
These are three drawings from the Prague months.

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