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Where are we?!
My name is Victor Spoils, and I am the proud curator and owner of the Gregory John McIlvaine Museum.
Interest in McIlvaine's work has been growing steadily since his return from self-imposed exile to the glittering streets of Hollywood. Here you can look at scans of artwork spanning McIlvaine's entire career, read some of his history, and comment yourself on his unique outlook. I have more plans and hope to keep this page dynamic and fun. Stay tuned!
Remember the future. I started the museum as a way to display and share my collection of McIlvaine's art, music, and memorabilia, as well as an exercise for myself in museum design and administration. I have opening receptions from time to time when McIlvaine sends me a new painting, drawing, or some photographs. I am assured by Mr. McIlvaine that I have his full support, and he's promised to do some of what he calls "webocentric work" for this virtual space. The first examples are some animations which appear on this page.
Looking for a new answer? What started for me as a friendship and a relationship of mutual respect has turned into the Gregory John McIlvaine Museum. I first met Mr. McIlvaine in the late 80's at the UC Santa Barbara's College of Creative Studies, and we have been friends and correspondents (and occasional collaborators) ever since. The GJMM is a real space, housed in an old (but sturdy) gardening shack on my property in rural Blissfield, Michigan, and open to the public by appointment (basically meaning when I'm home and you come all the way out here.) And of course we're here on the web, where it's much easier to reach us!
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Please browse around and enjoy. Send your comments, questions, suggestions, and scans of any of McIlvaine's works that you may have to Victor (at) mcilvanity.com.
Thanks, Victor Spoils

A Flowering Talent
The Formative Years - 1989-1993
The Artist as An Angry Young Man
The Otis Years - 1993-1996
Atlas Shrugged
The Mid-Late 90's
Pure Mcilvanity
The New Work

Here are three big animations that Greg sent me recently. I think they're pretty neat.




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