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Monday, December 31, 2001

Those crazy Thai art students!

posted by Greg 12:09 PM

Thursday, December 27, 2001


Here's a great site about Hieronymous Bosch. It's called Als Hoy: All is Hay. There are entries for all of his major works, with interesting explanations of the symbolism and the historical context of each piece. Fascinating!

posted by Greg 8:28 AM

Sunday, December 23, 2001

This is a painting I did of some guy with a red stocking cap on.

posted by Greg 10:41 AM

Friday, December 21, 2001

here's a painting I did.  It's called Eagle

posted by Greg 11:19 AM

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Molli Watch 2001 Molli Watch: Molli's wrapping up her trip with the last few days down in the islands. Here's her latest report on the island hopping:
"We went to Chicken and Poda Islands yesterday, a perfect last day on Rai Ley. The snorkeling was unbelievable. Once I became adjusted to the crazy amounts of fish of all colors and varieties, I started to focus on the coral. I have never seen such beauty. There were your typical red-pink-brown variety, but I was amazed by the forest green kind of coral that looked like a pickled cactus. There were also bright orange colored coral shaped like a giant mushroom that looked soft to the touch. We had lunch on the other side of the island where a 100 meter sandbar crossed over to a white, sandy deserted stretch of beach. It was fun struggling across it from ankle to knee deep water, with the surf breaking and waves about two feet high. There is no undertow, and the waves are not surfable... but no complaints. Poda is a private beach with a couple places to stay and one small restaurant. I swam for about 6 hours total yesterday and am feeling like I need to cut down on the sun a little."
Not a bad problem to have for December, eh?

posted by Greg 9:22 AM

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

dissonance by Franz Von Stuck

posted by Greg 1:36 PM

Sunday, December 16, 2001

Molli Watch 2001 Molli Watch: Molli is now down near the island of Krabi on Rei Lay beach. The pictures at those links are amazing. I'll let Molli describe it:
"Rei Lay beach is PARADISE. Beyond my wildest dreams. The water is a bath, super calm and a bit shallow so you can swim for ages. My friend Sarah was indeed waiting here for me when I arrived. One of the longest journies of my life. She has rented a house for half of the week with her family and they have an extra bed for me. it is right on the swimming beach. So beautiful it takes your breath away. Sheer rock cliffs all around the cove. Long sail boats cruising in and out."

posted by Greg 9:25 AM

cooking with bigfoot

Cooking With Bigfoot

posted by Greg 9:22 AM

Saturday, December 15, 2001

Great sunset last night:
sunset 12-14-01
sunset 12-14-01
sunset 12-14-01

posted by Greg 9:39 AM

Friday, December 14, 2001

The Franceses THE OAKLAND SUN - Those crazy Frances kids are up to something up Oakland. It looks like a new newspaper. Be sure to check this out!

posted by Greg 12:07 PM

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

I'm sorry, for whatever. Do you ever find yourself saying "I'm Sorry" and not being sure what for? I wrote a little song about that and recorded it real quick like.

posted by Greg 7:34 PM

Molli Watch: Molli's on her way down south to the islands, with a stopover in Bangkok. I got these two postcards in the mail yesterday from her first days there:

Floating Market, Thailand
Caption: Floating Market, Damneon Saduak. Food offering to monks are normally found among the Thai people each morning except daily merit-making.(?)

The Emerald Buddha
Caption: The Emerald Buddha, The Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Bangkok, Thailand.

That buddha is made of pure emerald. I guess those Thai like to kick it up a notch, huh!
UPDATE: Molli informs me it's really made out of Jade, but that would ruin my pun.

posted by Greg 5:20 PM

Sunday, December 09, 2001

Sunset - 12-09-01

posted by Greg 5:23 PM

Molli Watch Molli Watch: It looks like Molli is getting ready to leave the mountain paradise of Pai for some island paradises to the south. Here's a paragraph she wrote me about the election campaign they're having in Thailand right now:
"i also wanted to tell you about this strange thing going on here and I would guess all over the small towns of Thailand. There is an election going on. Flyers with full-color pictures of the candidates are posted all over town. Of course I can't read it, but it all seems obvious enough. What gets me are these pick up trucks with loudspeakers mounted on top of them driving around starting early in the morning and throughout the day. The trucks are spouting each of the candidate's platforms. One candidate has chosen the Star Wars theme for his/her theme song and it always makes me chuckle. It really seems straight out of Coen brother's film or maybe a Mons Pubis video... "
I'm not sure where the Pvbis reference comes in, but it's always welcome!

posted by Greg 2:51 PM

Friday, December 07, 2001

Molli Watch Molli Watch: Molli's doing great in Pai, doing Yoga twice a day and spending time in the swimming pool. Here's a great poem she sent me:

12/5 Pai Swimming Pool

All hail the glorious sun of Pai!

By noon it dares to show its brilliance
It warms the stream, the air
Scares mist away
Painting the sky blue with its Westward dance
The great mountains bask in its relentless fire
All are driven to shade and rest
It takes no breaks only journeys higher and higher

All praise the radiant sun of Pai!

Who never forgets to rise,
who never ceases to shine!

All bow before the majestic sun of Pai!

posted by Greg 1:33 PM

Thursday, December 06, 2001

So guess what? Hawkeye is playing again this Friday night, Dec. 7th, and it's a free show with an open martini bar. We're playing at a holiday party for the clothing store / art gallery called B-Curious.
The party starts at 8, and we're going on at 10 after a couple acoustic acts. B-Curious is located at 7920 W. Third St. (just west of Fairfax on south side of street) Here's a MAP. You could see scenes like this:
A previous martini party at B-Curious

posted by Greg 3:29 PM

Wednesday, December 05, 2001


posted by Greg 1:59 AM

Sunset, 12-3-01

posted by Greg 1:58 AM

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Molli Watch Molli Watch: As you can see bellow, it's the King's birthday in Thailand. And Molli has not changed, as you can tell from this quote:
"Faeng (the yoga teacher) plays this instrument called the "can," some sort of wind instrument from Cambodia I think, I will take pictures of her playing it. Her 'band' might play at my guest house tomorrow night for a party."

posted by Greg 10:34 AM

King and Queen of Thailand

Happy Birthday to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. Apparently it's a big excuse to have a party over there. Check out the celebration they had in 1998.

By the way, that new Bob Dylan album is still kicking my ass! One more lyric sample:
Time and love has branded me with its claws
Had to go to Florida dodgin’ them Georgia laws.
Po’ boy, in the hotel called The Palace of Gloom,
Call down to room service, says “Send up a room.”

posted by Greg 10:33 AM

Monday, December 03, 2001

Molli Watch Molli Watch: It was with great joy that I opened my email this morning to find a nice long note from Molli in Pai, Thailand. She had a nice train ride north to Chaing Mai, then met up with a multi-national group of massage students for the trip to Pai. Here's a quote:
"I'm staying in a lovely bungalow on the river. You have to cross a precarious bamboo bridge to get to it. But last night on my way back the owner stopped me and asked me to join everyone around the bonfire. His brother insisted on playing me an "American" song. He said, "Do you know Hank Williams?" Then he played "I Saw the Light", it made me cry a little because I would rather have my baby sing me that song... he can play ok though and it was fun to sing along.
i'll have to write more later because there is a rather loud australian 'sheila' that has taken over this spot with her catterwalling."

Ah, Hank Williams, the international language.

posted by Greg 10:11 AM

Sunday, December 02, 2001


posted by Greg 10:18 PM

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