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Order of Magnitude

You can buy Gregory Vaine's music at
Check out Gregory Vaine's page at
Scrub Jay Records - The label featuring Gregory Vaine and The Corvids Ken Layne and the Corvids - Buy their CD "Fought Down" and see them on tour.
Psoma - Incredible rock band from LA! Tsar - Site for a HOT rock band from LA.
Shapes of Race Cars - New project from our buddy Dylan. The Mere Mortals - New project featuring Axel.
Fojimoto - My buddies up in SF Red Meat - High Colesterol Honky Tonk!
Baby Lemonade - Super band from LA. Tim Bluhm - From the Mother Hips - The Crystal Palace - Willie Rules
Townes Van Zandt - A great singer and songwriter - Everything you ever wanted to know about Neil Young.
Danny Gatton - Amazing telecaster player Expecting Rain - Bob Dylan
John Prine Shrine - John Prine is great Teenage Fanclub - if you link it, it will grow
Prince - Go Prince!!! Melanie Music Society - Melanie fans, just like me
Melanie - official site
Bruce Springsteen Chords Rolling Stones Chords
Husker Du Chords Country Music Chords
Harmony Central - Musician's Resources Shareware Music Machine - all kinds of music software
Ukelele - ukelele links Lapsteel - Brad's Page of Steel
Taylor Guitars - I love my Taylor nylon string Fender Guitars - They make telcasters
Telecaster - The best guitar Vintique - Makes quality replacment parts for telecasters
Arts Journal - Links to stories on the arts. Artdaily - Art press releases
Holly Metz - Great Photography like this. Gustave Moreau Museum - Moreau is my favourite artist
Joeseph Beuys - Very important German artist. He says everyone's an artist, and he's right! - Home of Strong Bad!
Literature / Journalism / Blogs - Molli's blog Wyatt! - Pictures of baby Wyatt
Marc Brown - Check out his photo blogging company, Buzznet Tim Blair - Awesome Aussie
Ben's Science Blog - Dropping science like Newton dropped the fig! Kate Sullivan - rock blog - Tony Pierce is America's greatest living poet! Instapundit - Politics and more
Baen Publishing - Sci-Fi books, including free samples online We Grok it - Robert Heinlein is the best writer ever
Daily Script - Read screenplays Ayn Rand - Kicks Ass!
Other - Dr. J, for advice on raising kids. Bobby's parents were influenced by him. Operation Clambake - Scientology Secrets


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Buy the CD now!