Gregory John McIlvaine - The Pursuit of Happiness

August 31 thru Sept. 20 at the LA River Lil' Frogtown Gallery
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Continental Califormia Sci-Fi Metropolis
Still Life with Virginia
Self Portrait as Juan Batista De Anza - 1775
Farmer in the Sky
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The Glow - Molli
Self Portrait Laughing into the Void
Jimmie Rodgers in Space
Musso and Franks - Kelly and Jay
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Puerto Allegre - Matt and Ken
Puerto Nuevo - Don and Jen
Go Dodgers! - John and Kelli
F150 - Joe
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Solomon at the Bigfoot
Max at Spaceland
Self Portrait with Ping Pong Ball Gun
Lil' Frog
017.JPG 018.JPG
America's Greatest Living Poet - Tony Pierce
Self Portrait with a Painting of a Painting

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